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Top Questions to Ask During the Franchise Development Process

If you’re currently researching franchise opportunities to find the best fit for your future business, then here are a few questions you should be asking to get to know different brands before you make your final decision—of course, we’ve also done some of the hard work for you by going ahead and answering these questions when it comes to finding out more about 9Round’s fitness franchising opportunity.


The 9Round Franchising Opportunity

Thinking about starting your own fitness business through franchising? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our fitness franchise opportunity at 9Round is KILLER, and we are actively looking for new franchisees to join #9RoundNation and help us achieve our mission of making members stronger, physically and mentally, in just 30 minutes.

Of course, you probably have a ton of questions about our brand, the process of becoming a franchisee, and what to expect once you become a franchisee—so we’re going through some of the top questions you should be asking throughout the franchise development process in this blog to help knock out some of your queries right from the start.


What are your criteria for choosing a franchisee?

As with any franchise brand, we have distinct financial requirements that must be met in order to be considered. These monetary thresholds are in place to ensure our potential franchisees are well-prepared to kickstart their business from the ground up using our proven systems and strategies for opening.

Our current financial requirements for potential U.S. franchisees are $40,000 USD in liquid assets and a total net worth of at least $150,000 USD or more. If you’re looking to build a 9Round studio in a country outside the U.S., please reach out to us to learn what your country’s specific requirements are, as they may vary based on your location.


What type of franchisees do you look for?   

This question will help you get a feel for whether you’re a fit for the franchise you’re researching and determine if you’re likely to have the lifestyle you want in the long run. At 9Round, we want our franchisees to exude energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for fitness and wellness. This is a business that allows you to literally change lives through the power of kickboxing fitness—we want you to be excited about helping others reach their goals at your studio and giving members a KILLER experience 100 percent of the time.

Additionally, as the face of your business, it’s important that you are outgoing and personable enough to be able to sell memberships and recruit trainers at your studio. You should be well-prepared and organized enough to follow our tried-and-true systems for increasing revenue and managing your business on a daily basis.  

Finally, we want people who understand that this is a learning process, and becoming a better franchisee takes time and dedication. We want our franchisees to fully embrace our core value of Kaizen, which stands for continuous improvement.


What obligations do you have for franchisees?

When you become a franchisee of a brand, there are certain obligations you should expect to have regarding your business, which should be outlined in the company’s Franchise Disclosure Document or the Franchise Agreement.

Potential 9Round franchisees should be prepared to learn and execute the system as provided. 9Round Home Office is always working to build a consistent global brand, which helps your business gain awareness and a stronger reputation, so it’s critical that we all work together to make the 9Round workout experience consistent from studio to studio. This also includes purchasing and maintaining only authorized products and services from our trusted third-party vendors, such as studio equipment and technology.

Additionally, those considering becoming a 9Round franchisee should be prepared to continuously operate and promote their business while taking on all financial responsibilities, including royalties, operational fees, and marketing spend. This includes the process of hiring, training, disciplining, and when necessary, firing employees at your local studio, as well as local marketing and brand awareness efforts.

What is a typical day like for a franchisee?

While we have two different ownership paths you can take that will affect what your daily routine might look like, franchisees can generally expect to spend their time:

  • Managing studio operations, which may or may not include working with members during the Daily Workout
  • Running staff meetings and training to keep everyone up to date on studio operations and expectations
  • Marketing your business within your local community and attending events to increase awareness of your studio
  • Completing administrative work, including accounting and budgeting


What length of time are you a franchisee?

The length of time for a Franchise Agreement will differ from brand to brand. Our current Franchise Agreement is for a 10-year term.


How much do I have to invest before I can open my doors for business?

The cost to open a franchise business can vary drastically depending on the type of establishment, the specific buildout materials required, and many other factors. For 9Round, the costs of building out your local studio will vary based on your location and other factors, but typically most owners can expect to spend between $94,175 and $196,775 to get their studio up and running. We have a few trusted franchise financing partners listed on our website if you wish to get pre-qualified, including one specifically for U.S. army and military veterans.

DYK: 9Round proudly offers 20 percent off the initial franchise fee for all U.S. veterans? Talk to your development rep during the process to see if you qualify!


What are the ongoing franchise fees and royalties?

In exchange for the ability to use a brand’s name and likeness, as well as to access their operational and support systems for your business, there are certain ongoing fees you will pay to your franchisor. The most basic of these is a royalty fee determined by the brand’s Franchise Agreement. You may have other brand-required fees, which will vary based on the franchisor.  

Ongoing fees for 9Round’s U.S. studios:

  • Royalty Fee: $600 per month
  • National Marketing Fee: $200 or 2% of Net Sales per month (the greater of the two)
  • Technology Fee: $80 per month
  • PULSE® System: $139 per month
  • Local advertising: $1,000 per month
  • Daily workout screen systems: $149 per month


Can I talk to current franchisees about their 9Round experience?

Absolutely! We arrange monthly franchisee calls with 9Round franchisees to give potential new franchisees the opportunity to connect and ask questions about the brand and the process of becoming a 9Round franchisee. We also encourage you to reach out to individual franchisees directly to hear more about their 9Round franchising experience.


What are the top three things that will help me succeed as a 9Round Franchisee?

Trust the system. After being in the franchising industry for over a decade, we have developed tried-and-true systems and strategies for success, and we are always working to develop new systems and technology to continue helping you succeed in an ever-changing world.

Believe in the workout. We don’t call them KILLER workouts for nothing! This is the heart of our business and the key to everyone’s success as a 9Round franchisee. You have to believe in what you’re selling before you can sell it, so make sure you try the workout and learn what we’re all about before beginning your franchisee journey.

Communicate often. Our dedicated support team is here to help you! Stay informed about the latest innovations and strategies by communicating with your Franchise Business Coach on a monthly basis, and always reach out if you have questions or want advice for something involving your 9Round business.


Now that you’ve got the basic rundown of our fitness franchising opportunity, don’t forget to head over to our website to submit your information to be contacted by one of our Franchise Development reps to figure out your next steps toward becoming a 9Round franchisee!

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