Becoming 9Round: Approval Day

Your vision is clear, and you've done your due diligence by researching and asking yourself the tough questions to decide if owning a 9Round is a commitment you're ready to make. You’ve familiarized yourself with the exclusive information through 9Round’s online portal, and the next step in the process is attending Approval Day. You’ll be able to get a glimpse into the life of a 9Round franchise owner – but what exactly does the day consist of?

1. Start the day off with a 9Round workout. The workout is the foundation of your potential new business, so it's crucial that you love it! Franchise owners are equally invested in the business model AND the 9Round workout, so get in there and get kickin’!

2. Attend the Approval Day presentation by the Home Office team. During the presentation, our founders, Shannon and Heather Hudson both discuss their fitness backgrounds and how the concept of 9Round came to be. They delve deeper into the features that make our concept unique, and what sets the 9Round experience apart from every other offering in the fitness industry. You'll learn best practices and what your options are as far as ownership models go. Other members of the Home Office team join Shannon and Heather to educate attendees on what goes on behind the scenes before a 9Round club is open, as well as what to expect after opening.

3. Tour the Home Office. Approval Day attendees get the chance to meet everyone behind the scenes: the team members that make up departments like PULSE support, marketing, ongoing support, and coaches that guide franchisees every step of the way!

4. Interview one-on-one with Shannon or Heather. During interviews, candidates sit down with either Shannon or Heather to ensure they're a good fit for 9Round and also to discover if 9Round is a good fit for their lifestyle and beliefs. A huge factor in approving a candidate is determining whether or not candidates' personal values align with the brand’s values. Do they love people and have a passion for fitness? Will they uphold the brand? Do they follow the ideals of KAIZEN – continuously improving in all aspects of life? The most important factor is figuring out who really plans to be dedicated to the brand and the business!

This article is the third in a four-part series detailing the steps to franchise ownership. Next month, in Becoming 9Round, we'll talk about the Onboarding process. During this final stage, you'll work closely with Home Office to plan your 9Round location's buildout, and finally, open your doors!

Interested in starting this process yourself? Check out our franchise opportunity overview webpage for more information.

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