Becoming 9Round : Due Diligence

You’ve decided that owning a 9Round is just the life change you’ve been looking for – so what’s next? Your vision is clear, and you’re ready to learn what the next steps are in opening your own location. Beginning this journey is a tenacious first step, and the commitment starts here: it’s time to decide if 9Round is the right fit for you. You’ll need to do your due diligence and get some research in before moving forward.


First, ask yourself if you’re prepared to make the full commitment to 9Round. If you love the brand enough to consider owning your own club, then you gravitated to it for a reason! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the awesome image 9Round has worked for. It took time to create the fine-tuned procedures and guidelines behind the face of the brand, and we work really hard to keep things consistent across all locations. We want to keep striving for greatness! Upholding the brand is deeper than just following set guidelines – it’s staying true to the mission we set out with in the first place: Making members stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally.


The strong sense of community at 9Round sets it apart from other franchises. Will you be hands-on in your gym and give members the chance to get to know you? Your gym is more likely to be successful if you’re involved in the community and creating awareness. Outreach is hard work, but when members see that dedication from owners, joining your 9Round will feel more rewarding because they’ll see the passion behind the process.


One of the most important things to ask yourself is if your personal values fall in line with the 9Round’s core values (love people, love fitness, love the brand, KAIZEN). If they do, then you might be the next trailblazer to build a legacy with 9Round. Having the right mindset is also a major key to success, so make sure you’re ready to have a dedicated 9Round owner mentality! Having a “whatever it takes” attitude shows your commitment to doing whatever is needed to ensure that your business succeeds. That means always promoting the brand and naturally talking about something that’s a huge part of your life. Whether it’s encouraging a prospective member to try out their first free workout or noticing a potential trainer you’d love to have on your team, 9Round is always at the forefront of an owner’s mind. Learn to be unshakeable when the inevitable setback comes up and face it with E2: energy and enthusiasm!


It’s good to start thinking about what type of owner you see yourself being. Are you more of a hands-off leader, or are you the type of person that needs to be in the middle of the action at all times? Depending on your answer, there may be an option for you. We offer two different ownership models: one for the semi-absentee owner and one for the owner-operator. The semi-absentee owner model might be the right fit if you prefer maintaining your current career while creating a close partnership between yourself and a location manager. The owner-operator model is for the passionate entrepreneur that is ready to work as the main operator of the club, as well as fulfilling other owner responsibilities, from marketing to payroll. Ultimately, either of these business models needs to be in your wheelhouse. Being a 9Round owner isn’t just an investment opportunity, but a lifestyle decision. Once you get rid of the thought that you’re selling a product and replace it with the idea that it’s a lifestyle commitment, you’ll have a deeper connection to this opportunity.

You started your journey with a 20-20 vision, and then you fulfilled your due diligence by asking yourself some hard-hitting questions. These first steps are important before committing to any business, and they’re crucial to complete before moving forward. If reading about the process leaves you wanting more information on owning your own location, our franchise opportunity overview webpage is a great place to start.

This article is the second in a four-part series detailing the journey to franchise ownership. Next month, in Becoming 9Round, we’ll talk about the next step: Approval Day. There, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of a franchise owner while learning from our Home Office team and our fearless leaders, Shannon and Heather Hudson.

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