Becoming 9Round: The Onboarding and Pre-Opening Process

Way to go, 9Rounder! Once you’ve conquered Approval Day and have an executed Franchise Agreement, it’s time to celebrate. We’re excited to have you join 9Round Nation as a new franchisee, but your hard work is only just beginning. Now that you’ve received a green light from the 9Round Home Office to begin the process of opening your own 9Round club, you have a long to-do list that must be completed before you can officially open your doors. In the final part of our Becoming 9Round series, we’re giving you a quick overview of the Onboarding and Pre-Opening Process. So, keep reading if you’re ready to get a glimpse of what it takes to open a 9Round club.


Connect with Your Onboarding Coach

As soon as your Franchise Agreement is executed, you will be connected with an Onboarding Coach who will help you throughout the entire opening process. That’s right, you don’t have to do it alone! Your coach is a great source of information and support, and they are there to help you stay on track. They will be your point of contact for any questions or concerns you might have, and they will ensure that you have access to all the amazing resources available to new 9Round franchisees. But remember, while your Onboarding Coach will be incredibly helpful, it’s still your responsibility as the franchise owner to make sure everything is on track and properly completed for your opening.


Find Your Club Location and Lock It Down

Finding an appropriate location for your new club can be difficult, so we have a preferred real estate partner to help make the process run more smoothly for you. Our preferred real estate partner will connect you with a local representative who will guide you through the leasing process and provide you with information that will help inform your decisions. There are certain requirements for every 9Round location, so it’s important to work closely with your Onboarding Coach and our real estate partner to make sure you check off all the boxes.


Complete Your Certification Training Modules

The Certification Training Modules are designed with the goal of helping you run your 9Round club effectively and ensuring that you’re familiar with 9Round brand standards. You must complete the online modules before you attend Training Camp. These modules are also a great tool that you can choose to use when training new employees. Within each module (there are more than 50!), we cover a unique topic, including training techniques, physical skills, club operations, proper 9Round Trainer attire, and more.


Attend 9Round Owner Training Camp

9Round Owner Training Camp is our preliminary, in-person franchisee training event that is designed to teach new 9Round owners the ins and outs of running their business to 9Round standard. During camp, you will hear from different speakers throughout the week, including 9Round CEO and Founder, Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, and you’ll get to network with other new owners from all around the world. In order to graduate from Training Camp, you must successfully complete all portions of the training, classroom sessions, physical technique training, in-club training shifts, and the final Xavier Biggs boxing workout.


Plan Your Buildout and Order Materials

Once you sign a lease and secure your location, you will start the buildout process by submitting a layout request to the Home Office – this will trigger our team to start designing your club’s layout. Every 9Round location must have an approved layout before construction may begin. After your layout is approved and construction has begun, you are set to order your 9Round “starter kits,” which include the materials needed to outfit your club to 9Round specifications. This can be a very exciting part of the process, as you finally get to see your physical 9Round club coming together!


Start Your Pre-Opening Marketing Campaign

During your buildout, it’s time to begin spreading awareness about your new 9Round club by launching your pre-opening marketing campaign. Using effective marketing strategies during this campaign can spark interest in your club within your community and can help you sign up more charter members. The Home Office Team provides multiple marketing resources to help you during your pre-opening campaign, including a full-service digital advertising promotion as well as printed promotional materials. We’ve found the most successful franchisees are those that become ultra-active in their communities by attending local festivals and networking events, meeting with business owners in the local area, and constantly working to spread awareness of their 9Round clubs to people in their area, so we’ve also included templates and best practices for doing so in our pre-opening marketing plan and training.


Hire and Train Your 9Round Team

All 9Round clubs have trainers on the floor to help guide members through the workout and to help them stay motivated. Your trainers are essential to your success, as they will be the ones who interact with your members every single day. They should have a passion for fitness and helping people, as well as a knack for selling memberships. Before opening, you need to ensure all your trainers are properly certified to operate the gym floor. Your Onboarding Coach can provide you with best practices and resources to help you train your team on the 9Round system.


Preparing for Opening

Once your club is “member ready,” you will submit a walk-through video of your club to the Home Office for approval. When your video is approved, your Onboarding Coach will help determine your Open House dates, as well as your opening date. Open Houses are the perfect opportunity to invite your community to see your club for the first time and to sign up charter members before your official opening day.


Opening Day

After all your hard work and preparation, it’s finally time to open your new 9Round club! On your opening day, your charter members can show up to kick it with you, as well as prospects who are interested in seeing what you have to offer. At this point, your onboarding process is complete, so we begin transitioning you into our ongoing Franchise Business Support department. Congratulations, 9Rounder! You did it!

Are you eager to learn more about the 9Round franchise opportunity? Click here and submit your information on the page that follows and one of our Franchise Development Representatives will reach out!

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